Designed and built around you

The beauty of bespoke furniture is that there are absolutely no compromises. We design furniture that fits a space perfectly, using materials that are harmonious with a design scheme. All our furniture is built by craftsmen to the highest standards and installed with loving care.

   Exceptional furniture that is quite literally made to measure

It is far easier to make a compromise than to be bold and adventurous in interior design and this is never more true than with the choice of furniture. An original piece of furniture that has been designed and made to fit a non standard space, perform a specific function or integrate perfectly with an original interior design scheme, can often mean the difference between ‘average’ and ‘truly exceptional’.
Whether it be innovative built in kitchen or bathroom furniture, an individual ‘statement’ piece or a bespoke study or home office with a cleverly integrated secret compartment, here at Ciao we don’t do ‘average’.

   Quality materials, functional design and meticulous craftsmanship

When we design furniture we will involve you in the process from concept to completion, every component and design feature is carefully considered, ensuring that all materials are functional, fit for purpose and of the highest possible quality.
Our furniture is hand made by trusted craftsmen who work with true passion, artistry and exceptional skill to produce long lasting original furniture that you and your family will treasure for many years.
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